Be The First to Know About Compliance Issues

Suitable for brokers and offices of all sizes.


As an administrator for my office, we desperately needed a way to track down real time license data on each of our agents and brokers. This product did that effortlessly, I can’t believe the DRE didn’t come up with it first. Agent Alert saves our office countless hours every month

Karen Friedman, Agent Services, Keller Williams Silicon Beach

As the Broker of a 200+ agent office, there was not enough time in the day to look up individual agent licenses and see whether they were in compliance or not. This not only saves me an inordinate amount of time, but with the prior warnings I can let my agents stay ahead of potential infractions.

Jamie Austin, Former Broker of Record, Keller Williams Silicon Beach

The DRE’s website is cumbersome and archaic for users to find the information they need. Agent Alert is the first solution to automate the discovery of agent compliance issues and to deliver the information in a timely manner saving brokers and owners time and money.

Chris Koehler, CTO, The City of Angels Realty