The perfect solution for your compliance needs!

With a simple email sent directly into your inbox, you can resolve compliance issues quickly and effectively. The live DRE links allow you to delve further into any infraction and know exactly what the DRE has on file for any agent or broker associate, giving you the ultimate tool to get all agents under compliance immediately.

  • Alerts delivered to your inbox – Customized agent alerts sent to your inbox on a schedule you choose.
  • Accessible anywhere in the world – Alerts are available on any computer or mobile device wherever you are.
  • Early expiration reminders – Brokers get notified ahead of time when a license is about to expire.
  • Efficient & cost effective – Save valuable broker time and money by automating license status checks.
  • Reduce broker liability – With your license on the line, ensure your agents are in compliance.

Can you afford not to have Agent Alert?

Take control of your compliance issues for a nominal fee.

Great support. We will help you!

Our customer service won’t leave you alone. With Agent Alert there is no guessing, no complex navigation, just a direct method that is so user friendly that any issues can be dealt with in a matter of minutes.

  • Reliable and secure platform.
  • Designed for both mobile and desktop.
  • Customizable alert schedule.
  • Syncs with the DRE for real time updates.

How does Agent Alert work?

Begin receiving alerts immediately. Sign up, provide a valid email address, office DRE number and immediately get warnings about agents with compliance issues.

  • Easy to use – Provide an email address and office DRE number get notifications right away.
  • Live B\DRE data – Dig further into agent issues with a direct link to the DRE to discover all the information.
  • Mitigate risk – With your license and reputation on the line, make sure you have all the facts.
  • Effective & efficient – Eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of manually checking agent’s records.

Why Agent Alert is the ONLY real-time broker solution.

The benefits of Agent Alert can be seen immediately.

  • Email Alerts – Data is extracted directly from the DRE and provided for you in an email format.
  • Current & Timely Information – You chose how frequently you’d like the DRE information delivered to you.
  • Google Sheets Integration – Supplement the DRE data by using Google Sheets to drive your compliance reports.
  • Automated For Efficiency – We run compliance check automatically for you so that you can focus on broker duties.
  • Mitigate Risk – For a nominal fee, you can help avoid having to pay out E&O deductibles or compliance fines.
  • Receive Warnings – Stay ahead of the game by receiving warnings in advance of compliance issues.


Agent Alert is the only solution that synchronizes with the DRE to provide your office with advanced warnings and agent compliance reports giving your broker peace of mind.